Oma Greti’s Garlic Green Peppercorn was our most popular flavor today at the Bank of America Farmers Market. In honor of this occasion, we present the inspiration for this flavor and esteemed member of our international investment panel, Oma Greti! We love you so much, Oma! Thank you for inspiring us, motivating us, and, you know, giving life to your whole branch of the family tree :)


Preparing for Farmers Market

Doug making "Sir Racha Cheddar" with homemade raw sriracha  [ and yes, he is from Wisconsin and is making vegan cheese ;) ]

Maxi making "Herbie Vore".  
The apron says ´Gemüse Köchin´, german for `Vegetable female chef´ [what a nice gift, thank you Sophia :) ]

Ready to go !